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"Girls will run around in your head."

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"Ooh, you’re cookin’, Frankie!"

Does anybody else feel that this scene pays homage to Tim? First of all, the clown in the shower - c’mon now. And, I mean, what about Uncle Frank’s dialogue as Tim runs from the bathroom. “You’re cooking, Frankie”. I realise that he’s talking about himself being hot in the shower, but was that dialogue helpful to the plot? Nope. We’re all aware he’s in the shower and we all know his name, so why say it? Why even use the Concierge in this scene when they could have used Cedric or Cliff or that lady from Addams Family who works at the desk? Because John Hughes was quite obviously a huge Tim Curry fan and knew that the only way to go about Tim’s inclusion was to insert cheeky little references to two of his most fabulous works of film and, on top of that, do it all in under a minute.